Membership Perk: The Certifier Newsletter


WPI is pleased to announce that we recently decided to make the transition from the quarterly distribution of our members-only newsletter, The Certifier, to a biweekly edition. We believe industry news should be disseminated more often than once every 3 months to be beneficial.

You may have seen the first edition of our updated format arrive in your inbox Thursday, May 11th. We have selected a newsletter distribution program that personalizes each edition for every recipient. Therefore, the articles and highlights in your version won’t necessarily be the same as anyone else’s. The newsletter will be coming from communications@gowpi.org. If you didn’t see it last week, you may need to check your junk folder or add that email to your address book.

We hope you enjoy these biweekly WPI NEWS TO KNOW industry updates. Please contact us if you have any recommendations for news you’d like to see included in future editions. We value all our members and want to provide information you find pertinent and useful.



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