Chris Glover: An Account of Acceptance and Advocacy


It is common for us to see stories of adversity and overcoming obstacles based on how one identifies. We are pleased to share a positive experience from someone who is comfortable in their own skin and in a supportive work environment. Chris Glover has thrived in a career as a United Steelworker with acceptance and support from the union, regardless of her sexual orientation.

chris glover: an account of acceptance and advocacy
Chris Glover

My name is Chris Glover, and I am currently a United Steelworker of 16+ years. I work in a heavily male dominated industry in manufacturing. During my early years working in that environment, it wasn’t much of a challenge; the mentality was to come to work, do your job, and go home. Over time, through building working relationships with my union siblings, it has become more of a work-family atmosphere.

During the last 10 working years my sexual orientation has never come up or become an issue. A mutual respect, along with my work ethic, allowed me to be known for who I am as a person and not what I was labeled as a LGBTQ+ individual.

I’ve been fortunate to not be treated any differently at work. In part, that is due to my union, which has been more open and inclusive than ever before. They have taken an approach to offer committees for our LGBTQ+ members. The union has added inclusive language to call everyone Union siblings, along with Union brother and Union sister.

“The world is a changing place, and if we don’t change with the times we will be left behind.” -Chris Glover

As for the company, they have introduced co-ed bathrooms in the plant. Employees are also able to use whichever restroom feels most comfortable to them, based on their gender. At times when there have been challenges, they try to ensure, along with the union, that mutual respect in enforced across the board.

The focus is on implementing a welcoming environment—we welcome everyone, regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic background, or sexual orientation as part of our Union oath. I hope to participate as a union representative in a local pride parade. This will show not only union siblings in the LGBTQ+ community, but the entire LGBTQ+ community that the union is present and supportive.

These are solely my views and experience, though they mostly align with the current inclusion of United Steelworkers. I proudly stand as a Union Member, sibling, activist, and LGBTQ+ member.



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