What is “Innovation in Certification”?


What does “Innovation in Certification” mean? To put it simply, WPI acknowledges the constant change in the water and wastewater profession and is not only actively adapting to those changes but helping others catch up. As a leader in certification for operators, we see it as our duty to stay up to date on industry news and advancements. That’s why, every year, WPI presents an annual Innovation in Certification (IiC) conference. This event lasts for three and a half days, each with a unique focus. 

Every year, the IiC annual conference has a theme or dedication, but overall, it is about unity. The event brings in diverse speakers to share different perspectives from all angles. Industry leaders in education, training, advocacy, plant management, government, and more join in to shed light on arising concerns and community goals. We are honored to organize and host an annual confluence of great minds in the field.

Attendees can expect to learn about new technologies and developments that assist operators within their daily role. They will also hear from keynote speakers on the latest news, educational materials, and best practices for supporting those on the front lines in the water and wastewater sectors. There are many opportunities to brainstorm with peers and tackle obstacles in the work environment. It provides a central hub for participants to explore a variety of topics. 

WPI works continually to bring new perspectives and big ideas to every session. The world around us provides the inspiration for each theme, as it is constantly changing. Over the years, WPI’s outreach throughout the water and nonprofit industry has brought in many excellent speakers, who assist us with our overarching goal of betterment for the industry. As we prepare for the upcoming 37th annual IiC, our focus is on conquering the critical goals of certification and overcoming unexpected obstacles. WPI is proud of the progress gained and excited for new inspirations yet to come.



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