Innovation in Certification ’23


WPI’s annual Innovation in Certification conference is fast approaching!

Our theme for IiC23 is INSPIRED LEARNING FOR FUTURE SUCCESS. This year, we will explore the challenges of the water industry and work together to conquer them. This is the 36th annual IiC conference, but the first to be presented by our freshly rebranded WPI team. We cannot wait to share our accomplishments with you from our first year as WPI and provide insight into what is on the horizon for the organization.

The keynote speaker at IiC23 is former Homeland Security official and author Juliette Kayyem. Juliette’s book The Devil Never Sleeps is described as an “urgent, transformative guide to dealing with disasters from one of today’s foremost thinkers in crisis management. It is a guide for governments, businesses, and individuals alike on how to alter our thinking so that we can develop effective strategies in the face of perpetual catastrophe.” WPI is excited to bring our IiC audience this renowned expert in the field of disaster preparation and response strategies.

WPI has commissioned William Butler to conceptualize and create a distinctive piece of art to commemorate IiC23. William creates his art LIVE! He is known for providing a unique and inspiring experience surrounding the creation of his artwork. We know you will enjoy watching his customized creation process from beginning to end while he designs a one-of-a-kind piece of art expressing the purpose behind our annual Innovation in Certification conferences.

Those interested in registering for IiC23 should note that there will not be a virtual component at this conference. We will only be hosting live attendees this year. The majority of the feedback we received regarding attendance at IiC23 was that people were predominantly planning to attend in person, so the decision was made to forgo a hybrid conference.

That’s not to say that there will be no video taken during the presentations at IiC23. We plan to record the technical program for future distribution. Information regarding how to access those recordings is forthcoming.

WPI staff is working full tilt on creating yet another informative and fun conference for our attendees as we strive to do every year. We know you expect a lot from IiC in terms of the content in our technical program and the on-site experience. Innovation is defined as a new method or idea. And that is exactly what we plan to provide at IiC23. New ideas for the future of certification in the water industry. See you at Clearwater Beach in January!



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