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There is a common thread that runs through Canada and Barbados – the dedication and excellence of their Professional Operators. These individuals play a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of their local water and wastewater facilities. The tireless work of POs often goes unnoticed, but in June, members of the WPI team traveled to Toronto, Canada and St. Michael, Barbados to recognize them. We at WPI believe it is important to celebrate and support these hardworking individuals while honoring their contributions.

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Morley Foy (left) and his son, Adam Foy (right) at the pinning ceremony.

On June 12, 2023, WPI had the opportunity to pin three operators during the AWWA ACE 2023 conference. The POs were honored in front of their colleagues, families, and friends. Although this is an annual event, this year offered a special experience. Morley Foy, PE, the current Water Division Director on the WPI Board of Directors had the privilege of pinning his son, Adam Foy. Our team looks forward to celebrating more Canadian POs in 2024!

Becoming a PO is a way to show one’s commitment to public health and willingness to uphold the highest industry standards. It is more than merely taking an exam and earning a certification. Demonstrating an extra level of dedication to the profession should be acknowledged. With that in mind, the POwer tour continued…

The next stop was CAWASA’s Caribbean Water Operators (CWO) Conference where seven more POs were pinned. Our team was in awe of the overwhelming passion for the job these POs exhibited during the pinning celebration. The community roared with cheers for every PO that crossed the stage to be recognized.

“It was truly an inspired event. They reminded us of why we do what we do. They showed so much excitement and pride in their work, their community, and really demonstrated what a close-knit group can accomplish through hard work and determination!”  Paul Bishop, WPI President & CEO

The buzz of excitement for the PO certification continued through the conference as WPI’s Haley Vanness held a session about the success and benefits of the certification program. The combination of that session and the praise their newly pinned colleagues received encouraged eight more operators to take the first step in applying to be a PO.

It has been a successful POwer Tour so far and we are excited to continue our journey in Tennessee later this month. Thank you to all the Professional Operators who have committed themselves to protecting public health! We salute you!



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